The Employee One program represents an application for a job at one of our Surge portfolio companies. It does not represent an application for a job at Surge or Sequoia Capital India.
We do advertise for these roles on job boards like LinkedIn. These job listings all link back to our website, so yes, these are one and the same thing.
You can follow the status of your application through the emails that you receive from Belong. At each stage, they will update you via email on whether you have been shortlisted. And if you have any questions about your application, you can email them at surgesupport@belong.co.
If your application is shortlisted and sent to our founders but no-one reaches out, then it may mean that there is not a current fit. But please do be patient. These are founders running early-stage companies, many of whom don’t have recruiting and admin staff - so the process may take longer.
If you receive no contact from the founder after the interview, you can follow up with them for feedback or next steps. Please be patient, as these are time-starved founders who are both running a company and hiring a team. If after a number of weeks, you are still getting no response, you may email the Belong team to help you follow up at surgesupport@belong.co.
In some cases, there may be multiple founders who are interested in your profile. You are free to interview with all of them. If there is strong interest to hire from multiple companies, you should be clear and indicate your preferred choice. We encourage both founders and candidates to be responsible in their hiring communications.
If you have a strong desire to work for one of the Surge companies, you may apply directly to them via their website. You can find links to their website here.
If you are no longer interested in a new role, then you can inform the Belong team at surgesupport@belong.co and they will update the database accordingly.
Every aspect of Surge has been designed to give the startups we work with an unfair advantage to scale and grow. Surge selects only 10 to 20 startups from thousands of applications from across the region for each cohort. We provide hands on support and mentorship for founders throughout the program and afterwards, as well. While there are no guarantees to a startup’s success, early employees can rest assured we’ve worked hard to assess the founding team, the idea and the market potential.